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Net Meter is a program that monitors the network traffic on your computer
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Net Meter is a program that monitors the network traffic on your computer. It supports multiple network connections at once and provides reports about your network traffic.
The main window displays a small graphic of your download and upload speed. Before you start using the program, you should select the connections that you want to monitor. After completing this step, the tool can give you daily, weekly or monthly statistics about your traffic.

The application comes with a stopwatch function that gives you the possibility to test a specific adapter. This option informs you about the total download and upload size, the maximum, the minimum and the average speed. One of the features allows you to create a notification. You can set the program to warn you when the download or the upload exceeds a certain amount of data. Besides its main purpose, the tool can be used for checking if an unauthorized application is using your network resources.

To sum up, this is a useful tool that offers lots of information about your network connections. If you don't want the graphic window to block your view, you can check real time download and upload speed in the system tray.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Supports multiple network connections at once
  • Provides lots of useful reports
  • Stopwatch function


  • The interface is not multilingual
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